Physical Ed News @ NHMS
The Physical Education Department is looking for sponsors to donate to, Bowling Across the Curriculum. The information on this program and the donation site is; We thank you in advance for your support - Nathan Hale P.E. Department

YAY! We got a new more dollars! Currently, we are $1511.00 away from our goal! Can you help us?
A big thank to to the families and staff members who have contributed to this project - The Bosch Family, the Fraleigh Family and the Minichini family as well as our own Mrs. Olson, Ms. Risolo, Mrs. McGahern, Mrs. Dolan, Mrs. Bryk and former teacher Mrs. Pair. Nine families have donated $904 to the cause - can we count on your help too??

Here is more about the program from Ms. Folchetti, as it appears on the site. 
My students need help in Math and Science skills, and bowling will help provide that avenue.

My Students:
My students are fantastic. They are eager, enthusiastic, and full of energy. Unfortunately, we lack the resources and money to provide our students with innovative and unique opportunities in Physical Education classes. We are in inner city school and our students come from a wide range of economic and cultural backgrounds. Through the unique characteristics of the sport of bowling, my students will be able to work on closing the achievement gap, by practicing and strengthening their math and science skills.

My Project:
Having bowling as unit in Physical Education class will strengthen my students physics, social mental and emotional well-being. 

If I had to fund raise for any and all equipment that I need for this project, my students would have to wait for a very long time before I would be able to raise the money for this bowling equipment.

By having access to these ten bowling set/equipment, my students will learn etiquette, strengthen their upper body muscles, work on their math and science skills (additional, probability, statistics, physics), as well as hopefully, learn a life-time sport that they can enjoy and continue to participate throughout their life, and perhaps their family's life.

This donation cycle ends on January 2, 2018, so please donate and make Ms. Folchetti's program a reality!