Basic Information
Calling of Faxing the School
Phone Number: 203-899-2910 - we urge all parents to email staff rather than call. 
Fax Number: 203-899-2914 
When calling the School, please do not automatically press "0" - please press the
appropriate number for the office you want to reach:
Press "4" to reach the Guidance Office, the counselors, calling in an absence, picking up your child early, or questions about records or classes.
Press "3" to reach the School Nurse.
Press "4" to reach the Guidance Office and counselors, early pick up or absences.  
Student ID Cards & Lanyards
In November, your child will be given a breakaway lanyard with a student ID in a clear, plastic holder. For everyone's safety, it is imperative that children are wearing their lanyards at all times. Their ID card contains a barcode which works for scanning in the Cafeteria to pay for lunch and for taking out books in the Library. In an effort to prevent the loss of a lanyard, students will be leaving their lanyards in homeroom, and will pick them up every morning. 

If a student leaves early, he/she must drop off their lanyard in Guidance or the Main Office. We will get the lanyard to the homeroom teacher.

Students must consider their ID and lanyard a very important part of school life,and should take care note to break the lanyard or lose or damage their ID. Stickers cannot be placed over the child's dace on the
 ID. Please remind your child that this is mandatory. Lost lanyards can be replaced for $15.00. Damaged lanyards can be replaced at a cost of $7.00, New ID cards are $5.00 and ID holders for $3.00.
Dropping Off Items or Lunch for Your Child
Students often forget items at home that they may need during the school day. If a parent comes to drop off lunch, sneakers, money, food, books and projects, or some other necessary item, parents must write the child's name on the item, before bringing it to the school.
If your child has asked you to bring an item to school, he/she should come to the main office between classes to see if it has arrived. The office staff will not call the student to inform him/her that the item has arrived.

Unclaimed lunches are automatically sent to the cafeteria before the lunch shifts begin. By middle school, we expect our students to take responsibility to come to the office on their own to claim items. We ask parents to understand that the staff's role in this is a courtesy, not an expectation, and the Main Office is extremely busy. 

Please note: We will not accept deliveries of food for students. If you have ordered food for your child, you must deliver it to him/her.
All dates subject to change due to "snow days" and other closures. 

Parents can access their child's progress and grades online via PowerSchool by logging in to the Parent Portal. You can access it by computer or smartphone.