The BARK program started in 2008, the after school program is a joint venture between the Carver Center and Nathan Hale. Funded by a grant secured by the Carver staff, it is a program designed to provide students with a safe place to go after school, as well as a place to get homework help and cultural enrichment. The program is free, and is open to all Nathan Hale students. We thank the staff at Carver for all of the hard work they put into obtaining this grant for another year!

The program runs four days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. Students will then have to be picked up, or, with parent permission, take the city bus, known as Wheels, Tokens will be provided for those that need them.

Run by 6th Grade Science Teacher Mr Thomas Stanford, and his assistant, Mr. Williams, the program will be well supervised.

Space is limited to 70 students.
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B.A.R.K. Program Application