For Parents
We are in need of PTA and SGC representatives for the 2020-2021 school year!
Dear Nathan Hale parents, staff and friends! 

Every year, Nathan Hale participates in the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program. 
The program awards schools FREE MONEY for registering 
Stop & Shop cards to our school.
Every time you shop at Stop & Shop, and use your card, you earn points towards gas discounts. When you register your card to Nathan Hale, you earn points for gas discounts for you, PLUS, the school earns points as well. You don't lose any points and we gain them! The points are converted to money at the end of the program in March.
We have done very well with this program - we were able to purchase a new sound system for the auditorium a few  years ago. We are currently saving up to renovate the cooking room. We cannot accomplish this without your participation!

It costs you NOTHING to help the school! 
No need to donate money, simply sign up your Stop & Shop card, as well as those of friends, family, neighbors and 
co-workers. (Ask in the office, church or temple - most people are willing to help!)
We are asking that our families please make an extra effort to participate in this program -
especially from our current 6th and 7th grade families since participation was so poor last year!  Please reassure your family and friends that their information is safe. 
Remember, you will NOT LOSE YOUR GAS POINTS!
To entice everyone, we are offering a FREE raffle.
Each card you sign up earns you a raffle ticket. If you sign up 5 cards, you will have 5 entries into the raffle, etc. 

First Prize: a $200 gift card to Stop & Shop 

Second Prize: a $100 gift card to Stop & Shop

Third Prize: a $50 gift card to Stop & Shop 

Fourth Prize: a $25 gift card to Stop & Shop
Remember, the more cards you sign up, the more chances you have to win - just in time for your holiday food purchases! You can't win if you don't enter!

To enter the Raffle:
2. Enter the FIRST THREE LETTERS OF THE LAST NAME the card was registered to. Enter ALL 13-digits on your card - no spaces!. It won't work if you enter less than 13 numbers.
3. Go to the box that says "Already Know Your School's ID?" Enter school code 14696. This is our unique code.
4. You will now be brought to a new screen that will list your card number and School Selection: 
    Nathan Hale Middle School, Norwalk CT. Double-check that the information is correct and click on      "CONFIRM MY INFORMATION." The page will now say "Your Information Has Been Submitted" 
5. WRITE YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON EACH PAGE YOU PRINT and BRING THE PAGES TO THE MAIN OFFICE. 6. You will receive one entry per page or screenshot.

If you do not have a printer, and you know how to take a screenshot using your smartphone or computer, send it to Kathy Gamcsik in the Main Office and include your child's name in the email: (If you send a screenshot without your child's name, we cannot credit you and enter you into the contest.)
If you do not have a smart phone or computer, or aren't computer savvy, we can help you here in the office. Due to STRICT RULES of the program, no school is allowed to enter cards for customers! The website is in English only. If you are having difficulty reading English, please stop by the school and we will help.
If you are experiencing any difficulties, please call the A+ School Rewards Hotline at 1-877-275-2758 for assistance.
If you do not have a stop & shop card, register here: