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All students will take the following courses daily:

English Language Arts
Mathematics (Common Core or Advanced/Algebra)
Social Studies

All students will take the following Related Arts courses throughout their time at NHMS:

Physical Education (3/4 of each year) and Health (1/4 of each year)
Media Science (semester)
Media Arts (semester)
Visual Arts (semester)
Theatre (semester)
Engineering & Robotics (semester)

All students will have the option to take the following Related Arts courses:

Spanish (year)
Native Spanish (year)
French (year)
Chorus (year)
Orchestra (year)
Band (year)


Math Classes

Students will be placed in either Common Core Math or Advanced Math (in 6th and 7th grades) or Algebra (in 8th grade).  Placement decisions are made by a sending grade level team, and are based on the following criteria:

Aimsweb or MAP scores
SBAC scores
SBAC projected levels
Current Unit Tests or Curriculum Assessments
Illustrative Exemplar
Teacher Recommendation